CPR Training Manikin
  • CPR Training Manikin

CPR Training Manikin


Key words:

Product Description

Implement standard: 2010 guideline for CPR
1. Vital signs simulation: pupil change and carotid arterial pulse
2. Airway open
3. CPR training : CPR training is designed according to 2010 international CPR guideline, can perform artificial respiration and external cardiac compression, English voice prompts during the entire process; standard airway open ,real time operation waveform display, voice prompts of correct and wrong operation, data statistic ,result printing, available of training and exam mode.
4. Multi-media courseware teaching is available, can be connected with projector.
5. Available standalone version and online interactive version.
6. Standalone version can be upgraded to online interactive version

Standard components:
1. Full body manikin (1)
2. CPR application software (1)
3. CPR converter (1)
4. Aluminum & plastic box (1)
5. CPR operation pad (1)
6. Exchangeable lung bag (5)
7. Exchangeable face skin (1)
8. CPR face shield sheet (50pcs/box)
9. Temperature sensing print paper (2 roll)
10. Guide manual (1)

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