CPR,Trauma Training Manikin
  • CPR,Trauma Training Manikin

CPR,Trauma Training Manikin


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Product Description

Implement standard: 2010 guideline for CPR
1. Vital signs simulation: pupil change and carotid arterial pulse
2. Airway open
3. CPR training : CPR training is designed according to 2010 international CPR guideline, can perform artificial respiration and external cardiac compression, English voice prompts during the entire process; standard airway open ,real time operation waveform display, voice prompts of correct and wrong operation ,data statistic ,result printing, available of training and exam mode
4. Multi-media courseware teaching is available, can be connected with projector.
5. Available standalone version and online interactive version .Standalone version can be upgraded to online interactive version
6. The additional trauma modules can be mounted on the corresponding area on the manikin and simulated various body traumas, such as I, II, III degree burns, contusion wound, pricking wound, open fracture, closed fracture and ruptured limb. This manikin is vivid and all parts have good training touch. The manikin is suitable to first aid training of surgical trauma and can be used to simulate washing, disinfection, enswathing of the wound, fixing and carrying the patient.

Trauma Evaluation Module:
1. Facial burn: 1, 2, 3 degree
2. Laceration in forehead
3. The wound in jaw
4. Opened clavicular fracture and contusion wound on the chest
5. The wound in abdomen with small intestine evisceration
6. Burns in left forearm: 1, 2, 3 degree
7. Pricking in right forearm
8. Opened fracture of right hand, parenchyma laceration, fracture bone tissue exposure
9. Quadriceps laceration of left thigh
10. Contusion wounds in left ankle and foot
11. Metal pricking wound in right thigh
12. Closed tibia fracture of right leg
13. Opened fracture of right foot with truncating trauma on small phalanx
Standard components:
1. Full body manikin (1)
2. CPR application software (1)
3. CPR converter (1)
4. Trauma module (1set)
5. Aluminum & plastic box (1)
6. CPR operation pad (1)
7. Exchangeable lung bag (5)
8. CPR face shield sheet (50pcs/box)
9. Temperature sensing print paper (2 roll)
10. Guide manual (1)

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