Advanced Multi-Functional TCM Skill Training Simulator
  • Advanced Multi-Functional TCM Skill Training Simulator

Advanced Multi-Functional TCM Skill Training Simulator



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Product Description

1.Full-height simulated human skeleton with 206 bones. The body bone marks are clear, accurate and convenient for acupoint selection.
2.The model skin is soft and realistic and can be used for various acupuncture methods training. 3.The feel of  acupuncture is realistic.
4.There are 309 acupoints on 12 meridians of the human body and 53 acupoints on Conception and Governor vessels (Ren and Du) prescribed by acupuncture, and 38 common extraordinary acupoints.There are 670 more needle points.
5.Automatic imaging of acupuncture points: using advanced hidden marking methods for acupuncture points, special light sources can be selectively used in training and assessment according to teaching needs, and acupuncture points can be automatically imaged, which can be used for determine the effect of acupuncture during acupoints position monitoring.
6.It can be used for teaching, training and assessing various acupuncture points and acupuncture on the whole body.
7.It can be used for moxibustion at various points throughout the body: moxa pillar moxibustion including direct moxibustion, indirect moxibustion (ginger moxibustion, salt moxibustion, garlic moxibustion) and moxa stick moxibustion training and assessment.
8.It can be used fro scraping training. The scraping oil can be smeared and students can practice with scraping board according to meridian circulation direction.
9.It can be used for cupping traning. The model is fire-resistant and heat-resistant, and it is used for TCM cupping training, not only for negative pressure cupping training with fireless vacuum cupper, but also for flash, moving and acupuncture cupping training with fire cupper.
10.It can carry out the practical operation and assessment of various TCM Tuina skills, such as: pushing, grasping,rubbing, kneading, pressing, circular kneading, rolling etc.
Height:172cm, weight:20kgs

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