Surgical Comprehensive Skills Training Model
  • Surgical Comprehensive Skills Training Model

Surgical Comprehensive Skills Training Model



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1. The skin with 3-layer structure can be used to do disinfection, incision, and suturing training.
Incision practice includes: Straight incision, elliptical incision, swollen incision and formed incision.
Suture under the skin includes* Indirect suture, epidermal suture, continuous suture and mesh method.
Requirements for using adhesive tape:
1) Must have a real skin feel.
2) The softness and elasticity of the skin (including epidermis, dermis, and skin layer) are very similar or the same as real skin. 
3) Each skin layer has a retentive effect on the suture line.
2. The realistic double layer intestinal tissue for intestinal anastomosis practice can be used to learn and train the correct operating skills of intestinal anastomosis.
Single layer additional mucosal suture, 
Continuous suture technology
End to end additional mucosal suture
The intestin side matching requirements:
Double layer (simulating mucosal and serous layers)
Can display the integrity of the anastomosis.
3. Vessel ligation training.
4. Surgical knotting skills training includes single handed knotting skills, double handed knotting skills, instrument knotting skills, and the magnetic devices can simulate the expression of tissue tension.

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