Peritoneal Dialysis Model
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Model

Peritoneal Dialysis Model



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Product Description

1. Simulate a human model from the navel of the torso to the base of the thighs,
2. The simulated peritoneal dialysis fluid can outflow from the position of the standard fistula.
3. Equipped with a small infusion stand for hanging peritoneal dialysis fluid bags.
4. It can be connected to a peritoneal dialysis tube and enter the simulated peritoneal cavity through the abdominal wall, injecting peritoneal dialysis fluid into the peritoneal cavity.
5. After dialysis, the "dialysate" can be dropped into a drainage bag to complete the entire process of peritoneal dialysis.
6. It can repeatedly perform skill training on the insertion and extraction of dialysate tubes,
7. Repeated training on local disinfection and disposal skills for dialysis tubes can be conducted.

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