Trauma Assessment Modules 43 Sets)
  • Trauma Assessment Modules 43 Sets)

Trauma Assessment Modules 43 Sets)



Key words:

Product Description

Basic Skills:
Wound identification;
Stop bleeding;
Cleaning and disinfection;
Binding, fixing, and handling;
Product features:
It can be flexibly fixed on the "injured person" to simulate a real environment of massive bleeding, and the blood flow can be adjusted;
Able to practice common skills for first aid on-site, such as hemostasis, cleaning, disinfection, bandaging, fixation, and handling;
Trauma components include: forehead laceration, jaw injury, chest sucking injury, open clavicle fracture and chest contusion, abdominal injury, accompanied by small intestine protrusion, gunshot wound in the palm, humerus, forearm open fracture, femur, thigh open fracture, tibia, calf open fracture, forearm laceration, right leg amputation, calf puncture, foot composite fracture, bullet penetrating injury, shock face, I, II III facial burns (1pc), I, II, III back burns (1pc), I, II, III hand phosphorus burns (1pc), I, II, III forearm burns (1pc), varying degrees of tear injuries, open fracture modules (24)

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