Surgical skill Training Simulator
  • Surgical skill Training Simulator

Surgical skill Training Simulator



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There are the surgical topical abdominal layered structure modules and the simulated human organs and lesions on the model,making students feel like "performing surgery" on real patients. It can be used for incision, hemostasis, dissection, ligation of blood vessels, resection, anastomosis, suturing, dressing change, etc, which can improve students practical skills in surgical operations. More than 10 surgical demonstrations and skill training can be performed, including appendectomy, cholecystectomy, subtotal gastrectomy, gastrojejunostomy, left inguinal hernia repair, and splenectomy.
1. Surgical skill training simulator  1pc
2. Upper abdominal wall module 1pc
3. Abdominal wall module of the cecum appendix region 1pc
4. Left inguinal hernia abdominal wall module 1pc
5. Gallbladder model 1pc
6. Spleen pancreas 1pc
7. Stomach model 1pc
8. Duodenal model 1pc
9. Jejunal model 1pc
10. Colon model 1pc
11. Cecum appendix model 1pc

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