Multiple Electrocardiographic Manikin
  • Multiple Electrocardiographic Manikin

Multiple Electrocardiographic Manikin


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1. Controlled by a microcomputer, it simulates nearly 100 types of normal and abnormal electrocardiogram signals stored in the human body, and each type of electrocardiogram signal is represented by an analog digital code. 2. Automatically detects whether the placement of the 12 lead electrode is correct, without any position markings on the surface of the simulated human skin, and relies solely on physiological structures for positioning. It can be connected to clinical electrocardiographs or electrocardiogram monitors for use.
3. During teaching internships or assessments, the "8-inch touchscreen wireless handle" is used to input the code of the electrocardiogram, set, increase or decrease the heart rate, and automatically depict this electrocardiogram characteristic waveform through an electrocardiogram machine or electrocardiogram monitor, with accurate and realistic waveforms.
4. The simulated human body is made of imported high-quality polymer materials. The skin is flexible and elastic. Resistant to aging, high and low temperatures, sturdy and durable.
1. Unmarked standardized electrocardiogram simulator: 1;
2. 8 " touch screen wireless handle: 1;
3. Special standard 12 lead cable: 1;

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