Transparent Curettage Model
  • Transparent Curettage Model

Transparent Curettage Model


Key words:

Product Description

1. Transparent casing, solid, beautiful and visible of the pelvic internal structure, operation steps can be observed if they are correct;
2. Good flexibility of vagina, vaginal speculum can be used, soft and elastic uterine material, realistic shape;
3. Soft touching feeling of genitals, simulation shape, correct structure of the labia majora, labia minora, urethra, vagina;
4. Realistic internal anatomical structure: uterus, fallopian tube, ovary, bladder, ureter;
5. Around 6-7 weeks of gestation sac can be seen in the transparent uterus;
6. Urethral catheterization operation, female bladder irrigation
7. Uterine dilator and curet can be inserted into cervix
8. With basement support and can fix the uterus in the right position
9. Transparent curettage demonstration model: anteversion position, horizontal position, and retroversion position.

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