Advanced Gynecology Examination Model
  • Advanced Gynecology Examination Model

Advanced Gynecology Examination Model


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1. Palpation of normal and pregnant uterus
2. Bi-manual pelvic and tri-manual pelvic examination
3. Vaginal examination
4. Visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices
5. Contraceptive instrument insertion and removal
6. Observation of uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes, and ligament.
7. Normal and abnormal uterus and attachment model
8. Place and remove IUD by using the guide fork of contraceptive ring
9. Gravid uterus (Five -month fetus)
10. Extra-uterine pregancy
11. Internal structural components:
1). Normal and abnormal cervical models
Normal cervix
Cervical laceration
Chronic cervicitis
Acute cervicitis
Cervicitis Naboth's cyst
Trichomoniasis cervicitis
Cervical genital warts
Cervical leukoplakia
Cervical polyps
Cervical adenocarcinoma
2) . Normal and abnormal uterine with parts
Normal uterus and accessories
Ectopic pregnancy (tubal ampullary pregnancy)
Uterus accompanied by obvious forward leaning and forward bending
Uterus with obvious retroversion and retroflexion
Uterine fibroids
Uterus with right fallopian tube ovarian cyst
Uterus with hydrosalpinx on the right side
Uterus with right fallopian tube tuberculosis
Uterine with right salpingitis

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