Maternity Examination Model (Full Body)
  • Maternity Examination Model (Full Body)

Maternity Examination Model (Full Body)


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Product Description

1. This model can be used for four stage palpation, auscultation of fetal heart sounds, external measurement of the pelvis, and practice and guidance of breast care.
2. The fetal position can be adjusted according to teaching needs, from manual operation to automatic injection with a micro air pump. With the adjustment of inflation, it can become the closest to the human body state.
3. It can be used for abdominal and pelvic measurement. During palpation, The operator can feel a sensation that is extremely similar to the body of a real person.
4. "Real" fetal heart sounds can be heard through sound synthesizer controlled by a microcomputer. The speed and volume of fetal heart sounds can be adjusted at any time, and the location of heart sounds can vary with different fetal positions.
5.  Wooden earphones and stethoscopes can be used to practice listening to fetal heart sounds. The fetal heart sound can also be heard from the speaker on the front panel.

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