Venous Intervention Operation Model (with Arm)
  • Venous Intervention Operation Model (with Arm)

Venous Intervention Operation Model (with Arm)


Key words:

Product Description

Main Functions:
Model skills: 
1. Use of chemotherapy pump 
2. Subcutaneous tunnel central venous catheterization 
3. Peripheral puncture central venous catheterization 
4. Central venous catheterization
Product features:
1. This model is for the upper body of adults, with obvious body surface markings
2. Made of polymer material, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and highly simulated
3. Standard puncture position, feasible for puncture through the basilic vein, external jugular vein, and subclavian vein
4. The puncture has a sense of emptiness and blood return, which can be used for infusion, transfusion, blood collection, and other operations
5. Chemotherapy pump
5.1 Display the path and operating methods of the chemotherapy pump embedded in the body .
5.2 Practice disinfection and injection administration before medication 
5.3 Equipped with three different chest muscle modules, simulating shallow, medium, and deep buried chemotherapy pumps 
6. Display the path and method of subcutaneous tunnel central venous puncture catheterization
7. Can be practiced repeatedly

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