Electric Thoracic Puncture  Model
  • Electric Thoracic Puncture  Model

Electric Thoracic Puncture Model


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Product Description

1.High automation:  As long as the control box panel operation button is pressed, gas or liquid can be automatically injected into the pleural cavity. When the liquid overflows from the fine overflow tube near the head of the right waist, it indicates that it has been fully filled; Thus achieving automation of liquid and gas injection.
2. Automatic voice prompt: If the puncture site is incorrect, there will be an automatic voice prompt. When puncturing along the lower edge of the rib, the controller emits a voice warning of "puncture site error, damage to nerves and blood vessels!", prompting the operator to pull out the puncture needle and re puncture.
3.Realistic puncture effect: When the puncture is correct, there is a clear sense of emptiness, and pleural effusion can be extracted. During pneumothorax puncture, bubbles can be seen continuously gushing out of the water sealed bottle.
4. Automatic sealing is repairable and replaceable: The puncture site is automatically sealed, and the local skin has directly adhered to the chest sac, making replacement very convenient.

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