Soft Mirror Training Bottle
  • Soft Mirror Training Bottle

Soft Mirror Training Bottle



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The soft transparent bottle ( also called soft mirror training bottle) is used for training stundents skills of inserting the mirror and recognizing the sense of direction under the mirror. The soft mirror training bottle is wrapped with opaque material, which can effectively avoid interference from external light on the observation inside the bottle. Most new students will have problems such as difficulty in distinguishing direction within the bladder, difficulty in obtaining corresponding operating techniques and observation positions.
 In order to enhance the training of sense of direction, multiple numbers are engraved in the bottle, corresponding to multiple parts such as the bladder neck, posterior wall, anterior wall, and bilateral walls. During practice, students are required to find each number and indicate its correct position according to the bladder anatomy. This training method will greatly shorten the time it takes for students to master the sense of direction through soft mirrors. In addition, students can also strengthen the corresponding operating techniques of soft cystoscopy  in the bottle, such as forward and backward movement, swinging, and looking back at the bladder neck.

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