Laparoscopic Surgery Training Box Skills Training System
  • Laparoscopic Surgery Training Box Skills Training System

Laparoscopic Surgery Training Box Skills Training System


Key words:

Product Description

1. The operator operates by observing the images  on the screen transmitted from a fixed position. The training system is equipped with a pull-out hatch to replace various training models. Choose one according to teaching needs and put it in the box. So easy to operate.
2. Live streaming. The system can record 72 hours of 1080P video, and can play videos. It supports AMCAP, OBS, H.264+AAC hardware code, and can watch video files in mobile storage at any time.Playback, pause, fast forward, etc., by nfrared remote control.
3. Equipped with a training module for basic laparoscopic skills, hand eye coordination training, laparoscopic suturing and knotting, laparoscopic surgical process recognition, and other training skills.
Main equipment:
1. High definition camera parts equipped with 1 set of CS optical lenses.
2. Light source: 1 set of LED non flickering cold light source.x
3. Replaceable rubber ring for operation holes  3pcs
4. 22-inch professional monitor 1set
5. Adjustable universal support 1pc
6. Portable laparoscopic training device with silent wheels 1set
7. USB 3.0 USB flash drive 32G 1pc
8. Infrared remote control 1pc
9. Simulated surgical instrument
1). Needle holding pliers: 1pc
2). Bending and separating pliers: 1pc
3). Bending scissors: 1pc
10. The exercise module includes:
1 set of ferrule model, colored bean model, threading model,cystic organ model, cecal appendix,liver and gallbladder, uterus and accessories, transverse colon, kidneys and ureters, pancreas and spleen, vascular model and intestinal model.
Note: This device can be connected to a large projected screen.

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