Advanced Neonatal Care Model
  • Advanced Neonatal Care Model

Advanced Neonatal Care Model



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Product Description

1. The model is a male infant, with 45cm length.
2.  It can clearly touch the anterior and posterior fontanelles, coronal sutures, and sagittal sutures, and there are realistic testicles in the male scrotum.
3. The actual baby weight is 2.5KG.
4. Observation of the mental state and complexion of newborns.
5. Eye care.
6. Nasal care.
7. External ear canal care.
8. Changing diapers: achieving hip care.
9. Holding and wrapping newborns.
10. Take a bath with real skin wrinkles, and apply body powder to areas such as the neck, armpits, and groin after bathing.
11. Umbilical care.
12. Measure body length, weight, chest circumference, abdominal circumference, and head circumference.
13. Skin care.
14. Temperature measurement: It can be measured through the anus or mouth.
15. Testicular examination: The testicles inside the scrotum can be palpated.
16. Enema practice.
17. Nursing practice of restraint method.

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